Academic Coaching

Get Started

 Online Coaching

Meet with a coach online in a virtual classroom. Go to Razortrack to see the schedule. Once you schedule an online appointment, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your appointment with instructions on how to access the virtual classroom. 

 Scheduling Tips

See the tips below for viewing the coaching schedule and making an appointment:

  • Log into Razortrack
  • Select Get tutoring for one of your classes in the Student Dashboard
  • Type "Academic Coaching" in the search box and select Academic Coaching when it pops up
  • Click Find a tutor
  • View the schedule and make an appointment 

 Chat Coaching

Available for quick questions online, no appointment necessary. Go to our Chat page or to Razortrack to see when coaches are online. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes, but can go longer if demand for coaches is low. If you need more time, your coach can also transfer you to a full-fledged Online Coaching session if time allows.

 Chat Hours - Fall Finals Week 2020

Wednesday 10:00am - 12:50pm

Thursday 10:00am - 12:50pm

 Chat Tips

Coaches will be online when they don't have students booked for online appointments, so they may be available outside of posted hours.

If the chat button isn't online at a posted time, it could be that the scheduled coach has requested time off. Be sure to check the live schedule on Razortrack if the chat button isn't online at a time listed for coaching.

About Academic Coaching

UA Peer Coaches help students develop their skills and strategies for learning efficiently and effectively. While a tutor works with you on course content, an academic coach works with you on strategies for learning the content.

Things our coaches can help you with:

  • define a specific game plan that can be used for an upcoming exam
  • evaluate and implement learning styles & strategies
  • learn how to master reading college texts
  • help in creating outlines, notes, and study materials
  • review tips for effective studying & successful learning
  • address text anxiety or other stressors
  • assess time management to maximize study time for challenging areas while balancing college life and other time demands

Meet our Peer Coaches

Braden Byrum

 Finance & Accounting Major

 Information Systems Minor

 CRLA Level 1 Certified Tutor

 Lead Academic Peer Coach

Kayla Simon

 Public Health Major

 Statistics Minor

 CRLA Level 1 Certified Tutor

Lawrence Hale

 Biochemistry Major

 CRLA Level 1 Certified Tutor

 Lead Academic Peer Coach