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Meet with a tutor in-person. Go to Our Scheduler to see the schedule. If you have scheduled an in-person tutoring appointment, please review our In-Person Appointment Information prior to your appointment.

Most sessions are 1-to-1 with a tutor & a student, however if you have a friend or study partner who wants to join, we can accommodate group sessions. If someone else is planning on joining, please leave a note in your appointment to help your tutor best prepare.

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Meet with a tutor online. Schedule your appointment and view appointment details in Our Scheduler. A red "join now" button will appear in your upcoming appointments one hour prior to start time.

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Request a session for your study group to have a tutor-led study session. Tutor-led study sessions can be requested for any supported course. Please allow 24-48 business hours for us to process your request.

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Drop-in tutoring is available during any unscheduled appointment times. Check Our Scheduler for availability. You can reserve an appointment or stop by the Student Success Center and join the queue for drop-in tutoring.

About Tutoring

Tutors at the Student Success Center are students who have excelled in their disciplines and are here to help you excel in yours. Our tutors can help you reinforce what you already know and understand new material through working practice problems, reviewing study strategies, and using their course experience to explain content. We provide tutoring for over 200 UofA courses.

All SSC Tutors complete College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Level I Certification training during their first year of tutoring, and we work hard to ensure that all tutors have the tools and resources to assist you to the best of their ability.

There is no cost to attend a tutoring session!

Courses Tutored

Fall 2022


(ACCT) Accounting

(ANSC) Animal Science

(ANTH) Anthropology

(ARHS) Art History

(BIOL) Biology

(BLAW) Business Law

(BMEG) Biomedical Engineering

(CHEM) Chemistry

(CHIN) Chinese

(COMM) Communications

(CRIM) Criminology

(CSCE) Computer Science & Computer Engineering

(ECON) Economics

(ELEG) Electrical Engineering

(FDSC) Food Science

(FINN) Finance

(FREN) French


(GEOS) Geosciences

(GERM) German

(GNEG) General Engineering

(HDFS) Human Development & Family Sciences

(HIST) History

(INEG) Industrial Engineering

(INST) International & Global Studies

(ISYS) Information Systems

(ITAL) Italian

(JAPN) Japanese

(LATN) Latin

(MATH) Mathematics

(MEEG) Mechanical Engineering

(MEST) Middle East Studies

(MKTG) Marketing

(MLIT) Music Literature

(NURS) Nursing

(NUTR) Nutrition


(PBHL) Public Health

(PHIL) Philosophy

(PHYS) Physics

(PLSC) Political Science

(PSYC) Psychology

(RUSS) Russian

(SCMT) Supply Chain Management

(SCWK) Social Work

(SOCI) Sociology

(SPAN) Spanish

(STAT) Statistics

(WCOB) Walton College of Business

Meet our Tutor Team

Graduate Assistants

Picture of Kelsey Berkel

Kelsey Berkel

Picture of Jacob Lancelot

Jacob Lancelot

Biology, Chemistry, & Nursing Team

Picture of Samad Akhter

Samad Akhter

Picture of Ngoc Childress

Ngoc Childress

Picture of Belle Davis

Belle Davis

Picture of Grace Davis

Grace Davis

Picture of Rylee Gibson

Rylee Gibson

Picture of Zharia Harris

Zharia Harris

Picture of Gia Jackson

Gia Jackson

Picture of Lizzy Krusing

Lizzy Krusing

Picture of Caroline Meche

Caroline Meche

Picture of Dawson Sanders

Dawson Sanders

Picture of Rachel Stringer

Rachel Stringer

Picture of Cassidy Warden

Cassidy Warden

Picture of Payton Wooster

Payton Wooster

Business Team

Picture of Taylor Brinkmann

Taylor Brinkmann

Picture of Davis Cooper

Davis Cooper

Picture of Reece Hodgson

Reece Hodgson

Picture of Josh Kueh

Josh Kueh

A red circle with white text that reads Student Success Center

Johnny Liu

Picture of Nathan Martin

Nathan Martin

Picture of Anna Mattingly

Anna Mattingly

Picture of Carly Merriman

Carly Merriman

Picture of Olivia Miller

Olivia Miller

Picture of Michael Monroe

Michael Monroe

Picture of Rela Ratner

Rela Ratner

Picture of JP Scholz

JP Scholz

Embedded Tutors

Picture of Zach Akridge

Zach Akridge

Picture of Abby Gilleland

Abby Gilleland

Picture of Savannah Gunnoe

Savannah Gunnoe

Picture of William Hay

William Hay

A red circle with white text that reads Student Success Center

Calyssa Jones

Picture of Erin Miller-Laquerre

Erin Miller-Laquerre

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Skylar Milner

Humanities & Social Sciences Team

Picture of Drews Brister

Drews Brister

Picture of Cesca Craig

Cesca Craig

Picture of Kenshi Kawade

Kenshi Kawade

Picture of Alyse Mandelblatt

Alyse Mandelblatt

Picture of Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard

Picture of Anna Rumpz

Anna Rumpz

Picture of Nina Thomas

Nina Thomas

Physics, Math, & Engineering Team

Picture of Apoorva Bisht

Apoorva Bisht

Picture of Lyric Denson

Lyric Denson

Picture of Josef Frankhouse

Josef Frankhouse

Picture of Davis Gabel

Davis Gabel

Picture of Ethan Graef

Ethan Graef

Picture of Michael Logal

Michael Logal

Picture of Samson Parker

Samson Parker

Picture of Kaylen Smith

Kaylen Smith

Picture of Ashley Stanek

Ashley Stanek

Picture of Amaya Westman-Forbes

Amaya Westman-Forbes