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Courses Supported by Tutoring

Over 180 UofA courses are supported by our tutors!

Check out our Courses Supported page to see all courses tutored each semester.

In-Person Appointments

Meet with a tutor in-person. Go to Razortrack to see the schedule. If you have scheduled an in-person tutoring appointment, please review our In-Person Appointment Information prior to your appointment.

Online Appointments

Meet with a tutor online. Go to Razortrack to see the schedule. Once you schedule an online appointment, you'll be able to see your appointment details and the virtual classroom link in your Student Dashboard in Razortrack.

 Scheduling Tips

See the tips below for viewing the tutoring schedule and making an appointment:

  • Log into Razortrack
  • Select Get help from a tutor or coach in the Student Dashboard
  • Type the course name in the search box and select your course when it pops up
    • If your course doesn't pop up, we may not have a tutor for that course. Submit our help form to let us know.
  • Click View the schedule
  • View the schedule and make an appointment 

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 By Request Tutoring

Some world languages are available by request. We currently have By Request Tutors available for:

  • GERM 1003-3003
  • ITAL 1003-3003
  • RUSS 1003-1013
  • SPAN 2003, 3033


Drop-in Tutoring

Available for quick questions, no appointment necessary. View the schedule in Razortrack or on our Courses Supported page. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes, but can go longer if demand for tutors is low. If you plan to attend Drop-in Tutoring, please review our In-Person Appointment Information prior to your attending.

Chat with a Tutor

Chat Tutoring

Available for quick questions online, no appointment necessary. Go to our Chat page or to Razortrack to see which tutors are online. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes, but can go longer if demand for tutors is low. If you need more time, your tutor can also transfer you to a full-fledged Online Tutoring session if time allows.

 Chat Hours

Chat availability varies by course. You can check the schedule to see when a tutor will be available for the course you need.

 Chat Tips

The chat schedule page is updated at the start each semester and when we have permanent changes to the schedule.

Tutors will be online when they don't have students booked for online appointments, so they may be available outside of posted hours.

If the chat button isn't online at a posted time, it could be that the scheduled tutor has requested time off. Be sure to check the live schedule on Razortrack if the chat button isn't online at a time listed for your class.


About Tutoring

SSC Tutors at the Student Success Center are students who have excelled in their disciplines and are here to help you excel in yours. Our tutors can help you reinforce what you already know and understand new material through working practice problems, reviewing study strategies, and using their course experience to explain content. We provide tutoring for a wide range of 1000 & 2000 level courses, with coverage in 3000 & 4000 level courses as well. See below for a full list of courses we support. 

All SSC Tutors complete College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Level I Certification training during their first year of tutoring, and we work hard to ensure that all tutors have the tools and resources to assist you to the best of their ability.

There is no cost to attend a tutoring session!

Meet our Tutors

Biology, Chemistry, & Nursing Team

Picture of Amber Alzufari

Amber Alzufari

Learn more about Amber

Picture of Hannah Bolek

Hannah Bolek

Learn more about Hannah

Picture of Lily Clune

Lily Clune

Learn more about Lily

Picture of Belle Davis

Belle Davis

Learn more about Belle

Picture of Grace Davis

Grace Davis

Learn more about Grace

Picture of Abby Denison

Abby Denison

Learn more about Abby

Picture of Zharia Harris

Zharia Harris

Learn more about Zharia

SSC Logo

Suraj Kolluru

Learn more about Suraj

Picture of Tyler Merreighn

Tyler Merreighn

Learn more about Tyler

Picture of Hunter Rosson

Hunter Rosson

Learn more about Hunter

Picture of Dawson Sanders

Dawson Sanders

Learn more about Dawson

Picture of Caroline Withers

Caroline Withers

Learn more about Caroline

Humanities & Social Sciences Team

Picture of Lela Minor

Lela Minor

Learn more about Lela

SSC Logo

Itsumi Nakamura

Learn more about Itsumi

Picture of Anna Rumpz

Anna Rumpz

Learn more about Anna

Picture of Abby Williams

Abby Williams

Learn more about Abby

Physics & Math Team

Picture of Chloe Benton

Chloë Benton

Learn more about Chloë

Picture of Apoorva Bisht

Apoorva Bisht

Learn more about Apoorva

Picture of Ethan Graef

Ethan Graef

Learn more about Ethan

Picture of Gabriel LeDuc

Gabriel LeDuc

Learn more about Gabriel

Picture of Ashley Lieber

Ashley Lieber

Learn more about Ashley

Picture of Michael Logal

Michael Logal

Learn more about Michael

Picture of Natalie Smith

Natalie Smith

Learn more about Natalie

Picture of Adrienne Vaughan

Adrienne Vaughan

Learn more about Adrienne

SSC Logo

Amaya Westman-Forbes

Learn more about Amaya

Walton Team

SSC Logo

Abigail Burch

Learn more about Abigail

Picture of Jonathan Goggins

Jonathan Goggins

Learn more about Jonathan

Picture of Reece Hodgson

Reece Hodgson

Learn more about Reece

Picture of Kyle Karnuth

Kyle Karnuth

Learn more about Kyle

SSC Logo

Johnny Liu

Learn more about Johnny

Picture of AJ Navarro

AJ Navarro

Learn more about AJ

Picture of Abigail Owen

Abigail Owen

Learn more about Abigail

Picture of JP Scholz

JP Scholz

Learn more about JP

Picture of Lia Smith

Lia Smith

Learn more about Lia

Picture of Amelia Ver Woert

Amelia Ver Woert

Learn more about Amelia

SSC Logo

Samantha Weber

Learn more about Samantha

Picture of John Woods

John Woods

Learn more about John

Embedded Tutors

Picture of Steven Austin

Steven Austin

SSC Logo

Mykayla Booze

Picture of Braydee Chu

Braydee Chu

Lead Embedded Tutor

Picture of Michelle Clark

Michelle Clark


Picture of Lyric Denson

Lyric Denson

SSC Logo

Meredith Ellenwood

Picture of Chloe Freeman

Chloe Freeman

Picture of Abby Gilleland

Abby Gilleland


Picture of Noel Haney

Noel Haney

SSC Logo

Calyssa Jones

Picture of Hannah Lane

Hannah Lane

SSC Logo

Dylan Lanter


SSC Logo

Nik Limperis

SSC Logo

Byron Louk

Picture of Henley Masters

Henley Masters


SSC Logo

Carly Merriman


SSC Logo

Rosie Meyer


SSC Logo

Skylar Milner


Picture of Lela Minor

Lela Minor

Lead Embedded Tutor

Picture of Ryan Moh

Ryan Moh


SSC Logo

Conor Moriarty

SSC Logo

Eric Ohlendorf


Picture of Samson Parker

Samson Parker


SSC Logo

Anna Persell


Picture of Luke Shuffield

Luke Shuffield

Picture of Alex Tillery

Alex Tillery


Picture of Leanza Trevino

Leanza Trevino


Picture of Reina Watanabe

Reina Watanabe


Picture of Nichele Wescott

Nichele Wescott

Picture of Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson