Academic Support and Outreach Programs

Partnering with you on your academic journey

I feel like I never have enough time

I'm just not feeling motivated to do my work

I'm not sure how to be a successful student

If any of these statements sound familiar, you are not alone. Academic life can be challenging, and we are here to help.

We offer success interventions, major exploration coaching, and financial education programs for undergraduate students. Our coaches are skilled faculty and staff who specialize in helping you realize and reach your academic goals. We work one-on-one with you to help you examine academic concerns and barriers to your success. 

success Coaching

We are here for you  to offer personalized academic support and connect you to the resources you need to stay on track with your academic goals.


During your first meeting, your coach will ask conversational questions to understand your current experiences, habits, and possible areas for growth. Then you’ll explore potential solutions together. A typical first appointment includes

  • Chatting about your course load, quarter, and interests
  • Discussion of the topic that brought you to coaching or, if you’re unsure, exploration of what a relevant topic could be
  • Conversation about strategies that might work for you, and how you'd like to tailor them to your situation

You can make as many follow-up appointments as you’d like.  We understand that building new habits is difficult, and we’re happy to discuss ways of overcoming these obstacles with you.  

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What other outreach does the Academic Success and Outreach Program staff provide?

In addition to student-driven appointments, our team also proactively outreaches to students who might not be achieving academic milestones in their major. We partner with academic advising units, career services, and retention specialists across campus in order to provide students with individualized and targeted support. 

Major Exploration Coaching

Many students are undecided about their majors when entering college, while others who think they have decided on a major will change their minds multiple times before graduation. Know that uncertainty about your major is common, and when you need support to find a major that fits your interests, strengths, and career aspirations, we are here to help.

Through working with an exploration coach, you will

  • explore resources to clarify your decision to change your major;
  • confidently be able to select a major based on your interests, skills, and career aspirations;
  • understand key major change processes; and
  • connect with people who will assist you with changing your major.

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Financial Education Assistance

Our financial education team focuses on outreach to undergraduate students who would benefit from working closely with an advocate on their financial & academic plans for college.


Advocates and coaches work with undergraduate students in a judgment-free setting to discuss choices and actions related to financial and academic success. Our financial education coaches are a support network to help create plans that guide students in their financial planning process. 

How can we help?

1. Understand your current financial situation, financial strategies to pay for college, and overcoming financial setbacks

2. Assess your needs and help set goals

3. Give you tools and resources to improve healthy, lifelong financial behaviors

4. Monitor and follow up on your progress to encourage continuous enrollment and, ultimately, graduation from the University of Arkansas

Faculty and Staff: Refer a student

Faculty/staff referrals

I'm a faculty/staff member. Can I refer a student to the Academic Support team?

Flag Yes! Raise the “Student Success Intervention” Flag in UASuccess. A detailed walk-through of UASuccess flags can also be found here.

When you raise this flag, you can provide information about the academic concern, and one of our academic support coaches will reach out to the student. The student will not see that this flag was raised.


Email with details and the contact information for the student.


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