The University of Arkansas provides life-changing educational opportunities through a one-student-at-a-time philosophy that focuses on all aspects of your success, from academics to wellness, financial support and social engagement. This comprehensive approach ensures every student who attends the U of A can be successful.

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The U of A offers several opportunities for you to get the academic support you need, with flexibility tailored to your preferences. From one-on-one writing support to online tutoring, you can find the option best suited for you to succeed in your coursework.

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Student Success at the U of A is more than just one office – it’s our commitment as a university to ensure you have the tools and resources to be successful. Offices across campus advance this commitment through programs and resources to help you in your academic journey.

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The Student Success Center facilitates a variety of courses, like University Perspectives, designed to help students at any stage in the learning process. These courses can help students enhance their academic success and persistence at the University of Arkansas. Courses are taught by instructors who value the educational process and work with students to harness skills that are useful in succeeding in college.


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Supplemental Instruction

SI offers a series of weekly study sessions for students in historically challenging courses. Each session is facilitated by SI leaders – students who have excelled in the course and want to share their experience with you. SI gives you the chance to get together with your classmates, discuss ideas, ask questions, and develop strategies for learning.

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Writing Studio

The Writing Studio provides one-on-one tutoring assistance to all students at any stage of the writing process. You can work with a Writing Studio consultant on course papers, scholarship essays, personal statements, and other application documents. In a writing tutorial, you will learn revision strategies for developing your academic and professional writing skills.

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Learn more about the Student Success Center, its team, and its plans for the future.


Learn more about our programs that support first-year and first-generation students.


The Student Success Center boasts more than 300 student employees as tutors, instructors, peer mentors and other capacities. Learn more about employment opportunities currently available through the center.

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The Student Success Center wouldn’t be successful without a group of passionate staff who are dedicated to your success. Learn more about the people who are here to help you in your academic journey.

Student Success Center Under Construction

A new Student Success Center is under construction in the heart of campus and expected to open in Spring 2022. The new facility will be a one-stop shop for student support and home to Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, the 360 Program, Student Support Services, Fulbright Advising, the Boyer Center for Students, the Writing Studio, the Teaching and Faculty Support Center, University Perspectives, and more.

The university’s student success initiatives make the transition to college easier for incoming students, while providing support from the beginning of the college experience through graduation and career placement. The new Student Success Center will be the hub of those efforts.



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