Student Success Center

The new Student Success Center is under construction in the heart of campus and expected to open in Spring 2022. The new facility will be a one-stop shop for student support.

Accelerated Student Achievement Program (ASAP) is a two-year program of peer mentoring, professional advising, and academic support for first-generation college students from eastern Arkansas communities.

The 360 Program is a centerpiece initiative of the Student Success Center that offers one-on-one support for students’ academic transition, financial planning, social engagement and wellness during their time at the U of A. The 360 Program is currently by invitation only and serves first-year students who are first-generation college students and Federal Pell Grant recipients. The 360 Program supports a successful transition to campus life and continues to serve as a resource throughout students’ time at the University of Arkansas.

The ASAP and 360 Programs are free for student participants. All costs associated with Academic Coaching, Tutoring, Writing Studio, and Supplemental Instruction are covered by student tuition. There is no additional cost for participation.

Yes! If you need help starting a study group, we can help. Find more information on our Study Group page. Study groups are student-led. Student Success Center staff will provide contact information for interested students. It is your responsibility to establish meeting times for your group. 


In-Person Appointment Information

If you have scheduled an in-person tutoring, coaching, or writing appointment or planning to use in-person drop-in hours, please review the information below before you attend your appointment.


In-person tutoring, coaching, and writing appointments and drop-in hours will be in Mullins Library, Futrall Hall 158, and Maple Hill East 140 during Fall 2021.

Check in with the ambassador when you arrive.

View appointment & drop-in details in Razortrack to confirm at which of the stations your tutor is working.  The ambassador can help if you need assistance.

Fall 2021 Locations

Picture of Mullins Library

Mullins Library

View the map to Mullins

Picture of Futrall Hall

Futrall Hall

View the map to Futrall

Picture of Maple Hill East

Maple Hill East

View the map to Maple Hill


We are following the University wide guidelines for masks and social distancing.

If you feel sick or have been exposed to COVID-19, do not attend an in-person appointment or in-person drop-in hours. You can schedule an online appointment or use chat throughout your quarantine.

If your tutor is ill or exposed to COVID-19, a staff member will move your appointment online or to another tutor and notify you via email of the change.

Go to Razortrack, log in with your UARK credentials, and follow the steps to set up an appointment.

Appointments are limited to one appointment per day for each program. Students can schedule appointments for Tutoring, Academic Coaching, and the Writing Studio all in one day, but not multiple appointments for the same program. Appointments are limited to three per week for each program.

Go to Razortrack, log in with your UARK credentials, locate your appointment under the Student Dashboard, and select "cancel."

After ten minutes, your time may be given to another student.

We mark and count no-shows. If you no-show three times in a semester, your account may be locked.

You don't need an appointment to connect with a coach, tutor, or consultant! Students can ask quick questions during drop-in chat hours. Sessions are approximately 20 minutes, but can go longer if demand for tutors is low. Go to our Chat Page to see who is online. 

Razortrack is an online scheduling system that allows students to:

  • schedule appointments with coaches, tutors, and consultants
  • view the drop-in chat schedule for coaches, tutors, and consultants
  • register for SI
  • switch from one SI session to another
  • view their SI scores or attendance

There are a few reasons why you may not be able to find a tutor for your class:

  1. All of the appointments for your class are full. When an appointment is filled, it does not show up when you search for that class. Keep checking back as there may be cancellations.
  2. The course is tutored by request only. Review our current list of courses supported to see if your course is a By Request course.
  3. We currently do not have a tutor available to help with that class. Review our current list of courses supported to find out if we are supporting your course. If your course isn't listed, you can complete the Help Form to request tutoring. When we receive multiple requests for an unsupported course, we will work to identify a tutor. In the meantime, working with an Academic Coach may be helpful.

Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at University of Arkansas - Fayetteville can schedule appointments. For Writing Studio consultations, we have graduate and undergraduate consultants available. 

Please note: Tutoring only supports undergraduate courses. To view the list of courses we support each semester, please visit our Courses Supported List.


University Perspectives (UNIV 1001) is a course required for students in programs in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences; College of Education and Health Professions; Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food, and Life Sciences; and Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design. The course introduces students to university life in interesting and compelling ways via academic- and interest-based topics. Learn more about UNIV 1001 on our Courses page.

Departmental consent is required to enroll. Email Danielle Dunn to request enrollment.

Supplemental Instruction

SI provides an opportunity to gather with a small group of your classmates and an SI leader so you can ask and answer questions, practice with course content, and hear advice from the SI leader who has excelled in the course previously.

Research indicates when students attend 10+ sessions in a semester, they earn higher grades in the course than their classmates who do not. SI gives you an opportunity to listen to a student who has earned an A in the course. So listen in and benefit from the SI leader’s experience.

SI is offered for select courses. Your faculty member will provide information about SI, or you can visit our SI page to see the list of supported courses.

Once SI registration opens during the first week of classes, you can sign up on Razortrack.

If you need to switch your SI session, log into Razortrack. If you changed sections of the class, you will need additional assistance. Contact us for more help.

Yes – if you need assistance, contact us.

You can view the details of your SI session by logging into Razortrack.

Log into Razortrack and you can view your scores and attendance.

In order to lead SI, a student must have earned an A in the course and have a cumulative GPA of 3.5. Visit our Employment Page to learn more about the SI Leader position.

Writing Studio

Students can bring any course paper, application document, or essay. We do not work on graduate candidacy exams or work you are required to complete alone.

Consultants will provide feedback on your paper multiple times as long as you revise your writing between appointments.

Consultants can cover about 5 pages in an hour. Long documents require multiple visits.

Log into Razortrack and click the link under your appointment.

The group leader makes appointment and notifies members of time and location.

Yes, consultants will help you understand assignment, brainstorm, plan, and outline.