The Student Success Center facilitates a variety of courses designed to help students at any stage in the learning process. These courses can help students enhance their academic success and persistence at the University of Arkansas. Courses are taught by instructors who value the educational process and work with students to harness skills that are useful in succeeding in college.

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University Perspectives

UNIV 1001

The University Perspectives course is required for students in programs in Arts and Sciences (ARSC), Education and Health Professionals (COEHP), Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences (AFLS), and Architecture (ARCH). The course is a first-year seminar designed to equip students with tools needed for social and academic success at the University of Arkansas.  This seminar uses intellectual virtues as a framework to discuss and develop these tools.  Individual sections will apply the intellectual virtues to various topics and academic disciplines according to the expertise of each instructor. 

Students will forge positive relationships with faculty and staff committed to first-year student success and meet other first year students in a typically smaller environment than a lot of other first semester courses. 

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College Learning I

UNIV 1042

The transition to the University of Arkansas can sometimes be more difficult than students anticipate. College Learning I is designed to help students become more self-regulated learners by teaching knowledge and skills to help lead to better academic performance. This course is designed to teach students skills such as time management, goal setting, note taking systems, reading strategies and exploring cognition levels.

College Learning II

UNIV 1051

College Learning II is designed to incorporate the application of academic skills into the everyday lives of students and beyond. Concepts include life design, meditation and healthy living, as well as creating long term goals.

Math Study Skills

UNIV 1031

This is an eight-week course designed for students who have experienced some difficulty with studying and learning mathematics. The cognitive and behavioral dimensions of learning mathematics will be explored. Topics include math anxiety, memory and learning styles. This course is also recommended for education majors.

Peer Mentoring Experience


This course is designed to support students who have been selected to serve as peer mentors for select campus programs. Through this course, students will explore concepts of mentorship, leadership and student development theory in order to develop their own personal and professional skillsets and to better support the students they serve. This course is offered on an irregular basis and is open to students who have been selected as peer mentors for certain programs and requires instructor approval for registration.