360 Program

What is the 360 Program?

The 360 Program offers one-on-one support for students’ academic transition, financial planning, social engagement and wellness during their time at the U of A. First-year students who are first-generation college students and/or Federal Pell Grant recipients and who have selected majors within the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Education and Health Professions. The 360 Program supports a successful transition to campus life and continues to serve as a resource throughout students’ time at the University of Arkansas.

Participation in the 360 Program includes: 

  • placement in a specialized University Perspectives course (UNIV 1001), 
  • an assigned 360 Program faculty advisor who will teach program participants in a University Perspectives course and meet with them regularly throughout their first year to aid them in their college transition and who will continue to serve as a resource for their success throughout their time at the U of A, 
  • an assigned 360 Program peer mentor who will meet with them in one-on-one and small group settings throughout their first semester to provide them with support from the perspective of a fellow student,  
  •  consideration for a scholarship intended to assist in covering the cost of their required textbooks. 

Why is it called 360?

Just as the university approaches its student success efforts in a comprehensive approach, the 360 program helps participating students in all aspects of their college experience, including academic, social, financial and wellness support.

360 FAQs

How many students does program serve? 300 new students each fall

How do students enter program? By invitation only; students are identified and invited prior to New Student Orientation.

How is my 360 Instructor different from my academic advisor?  The 360 Program provides support in collaboration with existing services on campus, including faculty, financial aid advisors, housing and more. While our 360 Instructors take on an coaching role, they serve as a supplement to your academic advisor who will guide you on course enrollment and degree completion.

How do students enter program? By invitation only; students are identified and invited prior to New Student Orientation.

Other Information to Know: Although the 360 Program does not accept new students through referrals, 360 instructors are a resource for all 360 students (including sophomores, juniors, and seniors). Please reach out if you think we can help support upper-level 360 students.

Program Contacts

Don Nix

Director: ASAP & 360 Programs


Robert Ellis

360 Instructor & Advisor


Brian Hurley

Asst. Director: Academic Engagement


Kimberly Janssen

360 Instructor & Advisor


Guadalupe Rodriguez

360 Instructor & Advisor


Julia Smith

360 Instructor & Advisor


Meet our Mentors

Picture of Emily Bourke

Emily Bourke

Picture of Paul Cellitti

Paul Cellitti

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Natalea Collie

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Amaria Davis

Picture of Daryn Davis

Daryn Davis

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Hannah Davis

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Chase (CJ) Freeman

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Hayley Funk

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Victoria Haislop

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Kyli Haydon

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Caleb Jones

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Rameia King

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Milo McCamant

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Madalyn Menke

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Tyler Novak

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