University Perspectives

The UNIV1001 course is required for students in programs in the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences; College of Education and Health Professions; Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food, and Life Sciences; and Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design.

The course introduces students to university life in interesting and compelling ways via academic- and interest-based topics. Students will forge positive relationships with faculty and staff committed to first-year student success and meet other first-year students in a typically smaller environment than many other first-semester courses.

There are a wide variety of topics and themes available to students as they enroll in the UNIV1001 course.

The topics and themes change each semester, giving students many options to engage in a course with a topic or theme that is interesting to them. Through that topic or theme, students explore the college transition and learn about campus resources available to them.

Often the course utilizes some group work and heavy discussion and engagement to allow students to connect with one another.

Course Objectives

Diversity and Inclusion

In alignment with the university’s guiding priority to enrich campus diversity and inclusion, UNIV1001 seeks to engage students in meaningful conversations and activities to sustain a diverse and inclusive environment. Assignments and activities should create an awareness and appreciation of diverse perspectives and lifestyles and encourage students to think about how their own perspectives are shaped, how to engage in meaningful conversation to understand and appreciate differences, and how they individually lend diversity to our campus.


Through completing a UNIV1001 Signature Course, students will be exposed to the writing process and develop their writing skills through a variety of assignments. This can be accomplished through both formal and informal writing assignments, such as journals, online message boards, and formal short papers.

Educational Technology

Throughout their tenure on our campus, students will be expected to understand and use campus technology resources such as Blackboard, UASuccess, and UAConnect. UNIV1001 seeks to expose students to these platforms.

Information Literacy

Students are faced with an abundance of information choices. UNIV1001 seeks to help students make sense of the diverse body of information to which they are exposed by helping them evaluate information sources and understand that information. Information literacy is a cornerstone to informed citizenry and lifelong learning.

Interdisciplinary and Contemporary Content

Students learn and acquire knowledge through discovering relationships between diverse subjects, and UNIV1001 seeks to guide them through this exploration process. Exploration of the sciences, for example, will help students better understand and appreciate a painting or musical composition. Cross-disciplinary exploration, including major and career exploration,and problem solving applied to contemporary settings and situations are highlighted in UNIV1001.

Oral Communication

Students should be exposed to instruction on and the practice of oral presentation early on in their academic careers. Effective communication skills are essential in today’s competitive job market, and UNIV1001 seeks to help students create a solid foundation in oral communication skills upon which students can develop in the classroom and beyond.

University Resources and Points of Pride

UNIV1001 courses should expose students to tools and resources available to them on our campus. These resources can complement and enhance your course and strengthen relationships between your students and our campus.

Critical Thinking

The university environment provides rich opportunities to develop students into reflective and independent thinkers. Through engaging activities and assignments, UNIV1001 seeks to help students learn to analyze information objectively and make reasoned judgments.

Become an Instructor

Helping Our First-Year Students

Thanks to our incredible faculty and staff, the University Perspectives program has helped thousands of incoming first-year students successfully transition to life on the University of Arkansas campus. Utilizing both in-class and online instructional formats, University Perspectives teaches our students how to identify important resources, think critically, and become civically engaged on campus. Our campus partnerships are incredibly valuable, and your support ensures our students will stay connected and graduate.

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