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Coaching is available by request during Summer 2023. Please email to request an appointment.

Coaching Appointments

Meet with a coach in-person or online. If you have scheduled an in-person coaching appointment, please review our In-Person Appointment Information prior to your appointment.

For online appointments, a red "join now" button will appear in your upcoming appointments one hour prior to start time.

Need assistance scheduling an appointment? Contact Coach Admin.

In-Person Drop-in Coaching

Drop-in coaching is available during any unscheduled appointment times. Check Our Scheduler for availability. You can reserve an appointment or stop by the Student Success Center and join the queue for drop-in coaching.

About Peer Academic Coaching

SSC Peer Coaches help students develop their skills and strategies for learning efficiently and effectively. While a tutor works with you on course content, an academic coach works with you on strategies for learning the content.

Coaching Quick Facts

The Peer Academic Coaching program is an academic support program designed to provide individualized student support. Peer Academic Coaching is a partnership between a student and a peer coach, developed through a series of short, one-on-one conversations to help the student evaluate and elevate their academic performance. Coaching is not advising, counseling, or tutoring. 

Log into Our Scheduler, our appointment scheduling system, to view available appointment times and select one that works for you.

Our team of Peer Academic Coaches is comprised of currently enrolled, successful undergraduate UofA students. Our coaches represent a variety of academic majors, college experiences, and personal backgrounds. What they share is their passion for working with students to help them be successful at the University of Arkansas. You can learn more about our team in our coach profiles below.

You and your coach will talk about lots of things! Your coach will work with you to identify stressors and establish goals that lead to academic success. You can expect your coach to ask you powerful questions that are curious, non-judgmental, and are designed to promote reflection, create possibilities, and encourage new insights. Your coach is invested in your goals, cares about your results, and will be your biggest advocate!

Meetings with your coach will typically last around 40 minutes. 

There is no cost to attend a coaching session!

Our coaches can help you:

  • define a specific game plan that can be used for an upcoming exam
  • evaluate and implement learning styles & strategies
  • learn how to master reading college texts
  • create outlines, notes, and study materials
  • review tips for effective studying & successful learning
  • address text anxiety or other stressors
  • assess time management to maximize study time for challenging areas while balancing college life and other time demands

Meet our Peer Coaching Team

Peer Coaches

Picture of Sana Amin

Sana Amin

Picture of Spencer Briggs

Spencer Briggs

Picture of Hannah Lane

Hannah Lane

Picture of Lilli Martin

Lilli Martin

Picture of Kay Simon

Kay Simon

Picture of Brooke Vaughan

Brooke Vaughan

Picture of Nichele Wescott

Nichele Wescott