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In-Person Consultations

Meet with a consultant for an in-person one-on-one or group appointment to review a paper. Go to Our Scheduler to view consultant availability. If you have scheduled an in-person consultation, please review our In-Person Appointment Information prior to your appointment.

Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 3:00 pm

Online Consultations

We currently offer synchronous virtual consultations in which you meet with a Writing Consultant one-on-one or with your group to discuss your paper. Schedule your appointment and view appointment details in Our Scheduler. The green "join session" link will appear in your upcoming appointments one hour prior to start time. By meeting together, either in person or over Zoom, our Writing Consultants can offer you real-time feedback on ways you can improve your writing and can act as a sounding board for you to explore ideas. If you have extenuating circumstances that require an asynchronous appointment you will need to get administrative approval by emailing Dana Blair.

Monday - Thursday 10:30 am - 9:00 pm

Friday 10:30 am - 3:00 pm

Sunday 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In-Studio Writing

Come write in The Writing Studio even if you don’t have an appointment! We offer plenty of space with great views for individuals or groups, and the great thing is that when writer’s block hits, a writing consultant is right there and available to help.

Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 3:00 pm

In-Person Drop-in Consulting

Available for quick questions, no appointment necessary.  Sessions are approximately 20 minutes, but can go longer if demand for consultants is low. If you plan to attend Drop-in Consulting, please review our In-Person Appointment Information prior to your attending.

Monday - Friday 10:30 am - 3:00 pm









Want to book for a group assignment?

Groups can book for in-person and online appointments.

Have one member of your group schedule the appointment. Before confirming the appointment, leave the email addresses of all group members in the notes section so that we can add them to the appointment manually. If your group has signed up for an online appointment, follow the same directions and let your group know that each person will receive a Zoom link from the consultant before the appointment.

Preparing for Your
Writing Consultation

Writing consultants are on your team and want to help you become a better writer! Here’s what you can do to make the most of your consultation:

Ask Questions

  • Make a list of your questions and concerns and bring the list to your consultation.
  • During your consultation, ask questions until you understand a concept. We love questions!

Plan Ahead

  • Before attending, upload your paper to your appointment in our scheduler.
  • Plan on booking multiple consultations to review a longer paper (4-6+ pages, depending on genre). You can book three appointments per week; there is no limit using drop-in consulting.

Seek to Grow as a Writer

  • Understand that writing consultants will provide feedback and answer any questions you have, but they cannot edit your work. You are the ultimate owner of the paper.
  • Take the new skills you learned and apply them to unreviewed or future writing. For example, if you learned how to use a reverse outline, try making a reverse outline on the next paper you write. If you and your consultant addressed a comma splice, check the rest of your paper for comma splices as well.
  • For best results, revise based on the feedback you received in one consultation before attending your next consultation.

The Writing Studio is in room 209 of the CORD, located next to Old Main.

You can bring any course paper, application document, or essay. We do not work on graduate candidacy exams or work you are required to complete alone.

We cannot work with you on exams or essays that are part of a take home exam.

Yes, our consultants can work with you on a resume, cover letter, application materials, or other writing that is not related to your classes.

Our consultants are here to help you learn how to be a better writer by providing feedback and answering your questions. They cannot do direct edits, but can instead offer writing guidance, and provide paths to meaningful revisions. You are the ultimate owner of your paper.

Consultants will provide feedback on your paper multiple times as long as you revise your writing between appointments.

Consultants can cover about 5 pages in an hour. Long documents require multiple visits.

Log into Our Scheduler and click the link under your appointment.

No, you can come during any part of the writing process. Our consultants can help you understand a prompt or brainstorm ideas before you start writing a draft of your paper.

Making a list of questions and concerns prior to your appointment can help to direct the focus of a consultation, but it is not required. Make sure to ask questions as they arise during the consultation so that you leave with ideas for how to improve as a writer.

Yes, we have an option for in-studio writing. We have comfortable seating and tables where you can work on your own.

Our consultants can help you understand a rubric provided by your professor, but they cannot predict the grade you will receive. They also cannot evaluate the legitimacy of a grade you already received.

Email uawrite@uark.edu with questions related to writing consultations or the Writing Studio.

Writing Groups

Working on a thesis, dissertation, or article? Interested in developing your creative writing skills? Join a writing group!

Writing groups are a great way to hold yourself accountable during longer writing projects and build writing skills. The Writing Studio can help you form successful writing groups by connecting you with other students working on a similar academic level and with similar writing projects.

About the Writing Studio

The Writing Studio provides one-on-one writing consultations to all students at any stage of the writing process. You can work with a Writing Studio Consultant on any type of writing: course papers, scholarship essays, personal statements, other application documents, and more. In a consultation, you will learn revision strategies for developing your academic and professional writing skills.

All Writing Studio Consultants complete College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Level I Certification training during their first year of consulting, and we work hard to ensure that all consultants have the tools and resources to assist you to the best of their ability.

There is no cost to attend a Writing Studio consultation!

Meet our Writing Studio Team

Graduate Writing Studio Consultants

Picture of Tate Aldrich

Tate Aldrich

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Jack Arbuckle

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Kim Awa

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Morgan Ferretti

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Sylvia Foster

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Amber Giacona

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Darby Gilliland

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Kyle Hallam

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A.G. Holdier

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Nicole Rikard

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Ana Rodriguez

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Eden Shulman

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Emily Vance

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Matthew Warren

Undergraduate Writing Studio Consultants

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Kylie Bonham

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Corinne Bryan

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Ava Buchanan

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Samara Crouse

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Olivia Ervin

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Kristen Fite

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Amelia Gutche

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Amelia Hirsch

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Shaylee Luedders

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Brian Nicholson

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Cara Swaim

Composition I Specialists

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Mia Bingaman

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Ali Harrison

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Claire Lindley

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Abby Long

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Amit Patil

Graduate Assistants

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Jessie Brown

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Michel LaCrue

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