Student Success at the U of A is more than just one office – it’s our commitment as a university to ensure you have the tools and resources to be successful. Offices across campus advance this commitment through programs and resources to help you in your academic journey.

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Student Resources

Resources to help you in your college experience, from time management tips to methods for managing stress.

Study Group Resources

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Online Learning Tips

Tips to help you succeed in an online learning environment.

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Student Success in the Colleges

Academic colleges offer student success programs and resources for their students to help them reach their academic and life goals.

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Campus Resources

A list of different institutional offices and resources who help students on their academic journey through a holistic approach to student success that focuses on your academic, social, financial and physical well-being.

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Faculty Resources

Learn more about how you can support the university’s student success initiatives by further integrating student success into your classroom.

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Parent Resources

Tips and resources for parents to help their children be successful in their college journey.

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