It's All About Learning

As you pursue your academic career, it is sometimes important to re‐think why you are here. It is easy to get caught up in host of activities and areas of exploration provided by the university experience.

However, the first and primary reason for your being here is successfully completing your degree and the knowledge that comes with that accomplishment. So, think about this advice from a University of Arkansas faculty member:

There are four phases in learning to consider:

Preparation for Learning

This means making the most of your time in the lecture class by actively involving yourself in the lecture.

Processing the Information

This phase involves comparing homework, lecture notes and readings. It may require summarizing and connecting ideas as you go.

Practicing to Reach Mastery

This implies more than a general understanding; more than memorizing ... it requires a commitment to constant and on‐going practice and review. It implies that you can now integrate and apply the concepts you have learned with confidence.

Pre-Exam Warm‐Up

This is NOT cramming, but rather doing that final review and practice that will fine‐tune your skills. With this you have the opportunity to prove what you’ve learned in through your study, S.I. discussions, projects, and exams. 


With these four phases in mind, which is the hardest for you?

Which comes most easily for you?

What action plan will you commit to following in order to maximize your opportunity to learn?

It's All About Learning provided by Lorraine Brewer, University of Arkansas Instructor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry