Questions to Ask Before Dropping a Class

  1. What is my grade in this class now?
  2. How many more points possible are there before the end of the term? If I average 80% on all of the remaining tests, labs, etc., what will my ending grade be?
  3. Have I been to talk with my instructor?
  4. Have I been to talk with my advisor?
  5. Have I found a tutor or a learning coach?
  6. Have I looked for study guides in the bookstore?
  7. Is this course required for graduation? For my major?
  8. If the course is required, when will I retake it?
  9. If I drop this class, will it free up time to concentrate on my other classes?
  10. How many credits will I be left with if I drop this class?
  11. How many credits do I need to carry for insurance or for a scholarship?
  12. How much money will I lose by withdrawing from this class?