Five-Day Study Plan

How to use the Five-Day Study Plan:

  1. Break the material into chunks. If it can be divided by chapter, use that. If not, make up your own chunks based upon the structure of the material.
  2. Plan to spend about 2 hours studying on each of the five days. They do not have to be consecutive! You may need to plan ahead even further if you have multiple tests on the same day.
  3. You work the material 2 ways: you prepare, and you review

Ways to prepare:

  • Creating study sheets
  • Creating notecards with definitions, questions, formulas, or problems
  • Creating outlines/rewriting notes
  • Creating self-tests
  • Preparing material for a study group
  • Predicting essay questions

Ways to review:

  • Reciting answers out loud when studying
  • Taking practice exams
  • Reciting main points
  • Recreating charts and lists from memory
  • Explaining material to study group
  • Answering essay questions

Download a 5-Day Study Plan Template