Our Mission

The mission of the Academic Success Network (ASN) is to develop and deliver the educational support services students need to meet their goal of graduating from the University of Arkansas. By forming partnerships with faculty and staff across campus, the ASN is able to connect students with additional campus resources that promote their success.

What is Academic Probation?

What is Academic Probation?

Sometimes students are not as academically successful as they had hoped to be. When a student’s cumulative grade point average at the end of any fall, spring or summer term is less than a 2.0 with more than three cumulative hours attempted, the student will be placed on academic probation.

If I end up on academic probation, how can I return to good academic standing? 

Short answer: Earn a 2.0 term GPA (1.8 for students with fewer than 30 hours attempted).

Longer answer and Action Plan:

  1. Begin the new semester by doing an in-depth self-analysis of your academic  strengths and weaknesses (link)
  2. Make an appointment with your college advisor(Go to advising.uark.edu for information. ) Download, complete, and take your academic self-assesssment with you to the appointment  so that you and your advisor can develop a Success Plan.
  3. As part of your Success Plan, consider the following campus resources: tutoring, supplemental instruction, learning coaches, resiliency training, career planning, and CAPS among other resources. For a complete  list of campus resources, go to uasuccess.uark.edu. After you sign in using your UA user name and password, select  “services” from the top menu.

What if I do not make the 2.0 (1.8 for freshmen) this semester?

You will be academically suspended and will have to sit out one regular term and any contiguous summer term or intersession. But you don’t want to do that, so return to the Action Plan directions above! Many offices and people on campus want to help you succeed. 



The University of Arkansas recently announced the launch of UASuccess, a new online appointment scheduling and retention tool for faculty, staff, and students.  Powered by Starfish Retention Solutions, UASuccess will be accessible through BlackBoard, ISIS, or logging in directly to the system.  Click one of the links below to find out how UASuccess can help you:

UASuccess for Students

UASuccess for Faculty

UASuccess for Advisors